Inside CIRS at University of British Columbia -- "North America's Greenest Building"

John Robinson

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John Robinson, founder

credit: UBC

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The Centre is the brainchild of John Robinson, who approached the UBC with the idea back in 2000.

TreeHuggers have met Dr. Robinson before, in Are Cities Green, Or Are We Just Pigs in a Factory Farm? and The Tyee Interviews John "Dr. Sustainability" Robinson.

We also covered the building earlier in Accelerating Sustainability: New Super-Green Research Lab and When Carbon Neutral Buildings Don't Add Up.

The architect for the project, seriously downplayed in the CIRS website as a "collaborator", is Peter Busby of Perkins + Will, perhaps Canada's most successful "Green" architect. Don't know why he is given such a low profile; in my interview of him, he was certainly proud of the building.