How to build a green hotel, from the ground up

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When you pull up at The Mayton Inn, it doesn't look out of place in the small downtown district of Cary, North Carolina. Built as a public private partnership between the town of Cary and hoteliers Deanna and Colin Crossman—who previously renovated the historic King's Daughter's Inn in nearby Durham—the building was deliberately designed as a keystone project to bring about broader downtown revitalization in a town that has sprawled in recent years into fairly typical suburbia.

Underneath the hood, however, The Mayton features some pretty neat green features that have collectively saved a projected 30% on energy costs, not to mention hundreds of thousands of gallons of water. We met up with Deanna—a hotelier who, conveniently enough, also happens to hold a general contractor's license—to hear some more about how starting from scratch allowed the project to maximize its sustainability credentials.

Disclosure: The Mayton Inn provided complimentary lodgings and breakfast during our visit. I paid full price for my beer and extremely delicious cheese board though.

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