The House on Limekiln Line

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credit: Lisa Moffit

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Designed by Lisa Moffit, Lecturer in architectural design at the University of Edinburgh for her mother-in-law in Huron County, Ontario, the house is called "off grid" but in fact there have been few houses anywhere that were more on grid. Five years ago Lisa studied every square meter of it.

The Limekiln Grid tracks shifting topographies of the House on Limekiln Line site. Scale is difficult to judge due to a topographic dip in the middle of the site, which collapses foreground into background. A 25 meter grid of 110 3.5 meter high steel poles became landmarks for registering scale and collecting topographic data. There are multiple topographies on the site, the rise and fall of the land, the spring and summer crops, and the winter snowbanks and drifts. These four topographies: earth, snow, crops and wind, were drawn using spot elevations taken at each pole.