Greenbuild roundup: Heroes, villains and vinyl

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Jerry Yudelson
credit: Lloyd Alter

Paging Jerry Yudelson

Yes, the stuff on the floor of Greenbuild is always interesting, but this year the highlight for me was the people. There were so many that I have talked about and written about. One person I have written about a lot is Jerry Yudelson, the president of the Green Building Initiative that runs the Green Globes certification system, beloved of the plastic, chemical and lumber industries.

I was impressed that he agreed to show up at the BuildingGreen booth and debate with Tristan Roberts; I was not impressed by much that he had to say. He is working to broaden the makeup of the board so that it isn't dominated by industry people, but is clearly not going to use his influence to stop states from trying to ban LEED, complaining that some states demand that buildings be certified LEED, and "what's good for the goose is good for the gander."

So there's no burying of the hatchet here. Read my roundup on the dustup here:
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Jerry Yudelson becomes President of the Green Building Initiative, an alternative to LEED certification

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