Mind-blowing Digital 3D Printing of Super-Green Houses is Happening Now

FACIT is "Simple." Right.

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so-called simple system

credit: FACIT

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Bruce Bell of FACIT describes the building system as "simple." Right, anyone could do this. All you have to do is spend a couple of years on research and development, look at every aspect of how a house is built and design the system. Simple.

But there are a couple of really critical ideas here; conventional site construction is messy and complex with a lot of waste; conventional prefabrication requires expensive factories, transport equipment and cranes.

Here, the house is broken down into pieces, "cassettes" that one person can lift, all assembled out of plywood that is cut on a CNC router and knocked into boxes with a mallet. It's all done in a containerized portable shop; plywood goes in one end and lego-like cassettes come out the other.