CLT House by Susan Jones shows the future of sustainable, green and healthy housing

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wood drawing
credit: AtelierJones

Cross-laminated timber or CLT shows up a lot on TreeHugger; that's because it's made from wood, a renewable resource, it sequesters carbon, it is strong enough to replace wood and concrete in higher buildings, and right now, it helps use up some of the billions of board-feet of mountain pine-beetle infested wood that will rot if we don't cut it and use it fast.

CLT also makes a high quality house that is almost totally silent, is fire and earthquake resistant and is beautiful to look at. In Europe, it's used a lot in houses; after the 2009 earthquake in northern Italy they built 4,000 CLT houses to replace the block and stone houses that were destroyed. Susan Jones' CLT house is the first in Seattle and one of very few in North America but it won't be the last.

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