Children's futuristic fantasy homes brought to life

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houses of the future

These charming 3D illustrations of fantasy homes designed by kids show what happens when whimsy and imagination prevail.

It's something that most of us have likely done, mused about our dream home of the future. (Self-vacuuming floor, please.) But most of us haven't gone so far as to sketch it out ... and then have an illustrator bring it to life. Not so for these young daydreamers who were asked by furniture company MADE.COM to draw what homes of the future might look like. Rendered by a 3D illustrator, the fanciful designs feature everything from practical solar power panels to one with a full-time view of the night sky. How encouraging that today's children are thinking of sustainability and nature ... along with where to park the flying car.

Kya, age 12

Located by the sea, the home above features a glass panel roof and is made out of fine (sustainably harvested!) wood. Its architectural design is definitely unlike that of traditional homes; but what really sets this house apart is its ability to camouflage at night time.

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