Casa Luca: A new passive house in Vancouver

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Lucio Piccciano's house
credit: Lloyd Alter/ Lucio Picciano house

When I was in Vancouver last fall for a Passive House conference, I visited architect Lucio Picciano's almost-finished passive house; that's him on the front porch talking to a bunch of peddling passive people. I wrote in my slideshow at the time:

I saw that good design, comfort, a great view into the back yard and really nice, livable spaces mattered as much or more than those crazy numbers and roof details. That for him, it is all about building a really comfortable and nice place for his family to live. That it is more about happiness per square foot than it is about watts per square meter.

Now that it is virtually complete, he has sent me photos of the house, which turns out to be all of the above.

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