Brazil's Inhotim is a sustainable art park

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credit: Myra B.

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Inhotim is located 600 kilometres from Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The creator, Bernardo Paz, began the project at a nearby farm where his family spent weekends. He began buying adjacent land and art on a major scale. Soon the artwork started to outgrow the premises. So he decided to create a park to house the work and provide economic incentives in the area.

With the initial guidance of famed landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx, who was responsible for the gardens in Brasilia and much of Rio, he set out to create a tropical paradise.

“Art only makes sense when it is cherished by all. There is no reason for restricting contemporary art access to a few art collectors. That was our key purpose when creating Inhotim."

Inhotim opened to the public in 2006.