Micro-community of tiny homes flourishes on rehabilitated vacant lot

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Boneyard Studios
credit: Boneyard Studios

"Creative urban infill"

According to the website, tiny house owners Brian Levy, Lee Pera, Jay Austin and Elaine have built their homes together on a triangular alley lot that once was populated with "overgrown grass, broken concrete, pooling water, garbage, illegal parking, and occasional criminal activity (e.g. a dumped stolen vehicle).” Through this project, they are aiming to

(1) demonstrate creative urban infill on one of many vacant city lots, (2) promote the benefits of tiny houses: highly affordable, green, simple, and attractive, (3) model what a tiny house community could look like, (4) build capacity of tiny house designers and builders and (5) advocate for DC zoning/code changes to allow construction and habitation of accessory dwelling units and tiny houses.

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