Blueseed To Build Floating Business Incubator Googleplexes Off Silicon Valley

The Blueseed Idea

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credit: Blueseed

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Sometimes working virtually isn't good enough, especially at the startup stage. According to Blueseed, venture capitalists like to be close to their investments, and sometimes you just need a little face time. They quote the director of research for Google:

It’s 11 hours to Hyderabad. We do video conferences where we’re up late and they’re up early. Maybe a video conference is as good as a formal meeting, but there are no informal meetings. As a result, we lose the pace of work, and we lose trust.

But it is hard to get a work permit in the States these days, even when there are very bright people from around the world who want to be there. I thought there was an answer to this problem, called Vancouver. But even that is too far away. Hence Blueseed: it can float just over twelve miles offshore, sort of a Pirate Radio for entrepreneurs.