Austin Maynard's latest is a not so big transparent jewel

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credit: Austin Maynard Architects

Years ago we declared Andrew Maynard our Best of Green Young Architect; he's aged a bit and might not even qualify anymore if we still ran the Best of Green program. However his work continues to be some of the most interesting and exciting that we have shown on TreeHugger. I still have not wrapped my brain around his office name change to Austin Maynard, and keep calling it Austin Powers. But they don't care, writing:

We have changed our name. People say that we shouldn’t be messing with our ‘brand’, as it’s ‘bad business’ to do so. Perhaps they are correct, but we are not interested in business. We are interested in life, happiness, fun, family and reward for effort.

They may be growing up but still have that sense of fun, a willingness to ignore convention (and zoning regulations and building codes when they want to play with them). And now they have completed what they call "THAT" house.

Last year I did a lecture for my students at Ryerson University School of Interior Design on Andrew's work and practice; here's a sort of Pecha Kucha slideshow of it.

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