AIA/ COTE top ten green buildings include treehouses, border crossings, green roofs, nice shades and jaunty hats

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Packard Foundation

credit: COTE

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation Headquarters

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation Headquarters are known to TreeHugger as being one of the first buildings to achieve Net Zero Energy Building Certification from the Living Building Challenge. Jury comments:

This pleasant addition to a downtown edge integrates into its community. The transparent center core is welcoming from the street. The use of native plant species helped transform the original 97% impervious surface area into a beautiful landscape. The design has an affinity with some of the Eichler style houses in that area through the use of massing, detailing and regional materials. This strong use of materials translates into gracious interior spaces. The building's holistic approach to energy facilitates net positive energy from large-scale attributes, such as natural ventilation, chilled beams, radiant panels, and thermal storage, down to small scale decisions including selecting only the top 5% of EnergyStar rated equipment to reduce plug loads.

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