The 2018 Evolo Competition entries are wonders of drawing talent and imagination

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credit: Damian Granosik, Jakub Kulisa, Piotr Pańczyk

1st Prize: Foldable Skyscraper for Disaster Zones

The Evolo Skyscraper competition is always a wonder. So many people create such amazing drawings.

The annual award established in 2006 recognizes visionary ideas- projects that through the novel use of technology, materials, programs, aesthetics, and spatial organizations, challenge the way we understand vertical architecture and its relationship with the natural and built environments.

This year there were 526 projects submitted, 27 Honorable Mentions, and 3 winners. I do not think I have ever agreed with the judges in their choices of winners. (Actually, I did agree in 2016 and readers were appalled)

There is a sustainable design angle this year;

The participants should take into consideration the advances in technology, the exploration of sustainable systems, and the establishment of new urban and architectural methods to solve economic, social, and cultural problems of the contemporary city including the scarcity of natural resources and infrastructure and the exponential increase of inhabitants, pollution, economic division, and unplanned urban sprawl.

This year's winning entry came from Damian Granosik, Jakub Kulisa, Piotr Pańczyk of Poland. Foldable Skyscraper for Disaster Zones

More and more natural disasters happen annually across the world. When dealing with forces so powerful, standard means of crisis-management often prove to be inefficient. Whether certain region is struck by earthquake, flood or hurricane – help needs to arrive quickly. This is often easier to be said than done, as damages to transportation infrastructure or remote localization can make it extremely difficult. The tries to address these issues by proposing structure that while offering large floor surface is compact, easy to transport anywhere and can be deployed with minimum amount of time and manpower requirements. It is meant to serve as multi-purpose hub for any relief operation.

OK, the fact that is sort like a jack-in-the-box is interesting. More at Evolo

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