2013 Evolo Skyscraper Competition entries are out of this world

Polar Umbrella Buoyant Skyscraper Protects and Regenerates the Polar Ice Caps

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Polar Umbrella

credit: Derek Pirozzi

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It also seems that every year, I complain that they picked the wrong winner. This year is no different; they gave top prize to Derek Pirozzi for his Polar Umbrella:

Salt water is used to produce a renewable source of energy through an osmotic (salinity gradient power) power facility housed within the building’s core. In addition, the structure’s immense canopy allows for the reduction of heat gain on the arctic surface while harvesting solar energy. The umbrella’s thermal skin boasts a series of modules that are composed of a polyethylene piping system that pumps brackish water. Finally, the Polar Umbrella also regenerates the ice caps using harvest chambers that freeze the ocean water.

Now really, how big would this thing have to be to have any meaningful effect at reducing heat gain at ground level? More in eVolo