2012 New American Home Doesn't Suck, Isn't Model of Everything Wrong With The Housing Industry

The New American Home 2012

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front facade of New American Home

credit: NAHB Builders Show

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Every year I write about the New American Home that is built for the huge International Builders Show, and every year it is usually a rant about how big it is, how bad it is, how out of tune with the times it is. (Last year I concentrated on Martha Stewart's model home, and had to do a second post to defend myself)

This year is very different. The house is still way too big at 4,181 square feet, but compared to the others they have built, it is almost petite. (Last year's, which I refused to acknowledge, was 9,689). There are also a lot of really interesting things going on, starting with the almost mid-century modern design.