11 Tiny Homes you can rent for a holiday getaway

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credit: MiniHome

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MiniHome Prefab in Brighton, Ontario

Our next tiny house is a prefab unit, a flagship show home available for rent at Brighton, Ontario's still-growing Green Eco-Trailer Park. At a spacious 375 square feet, the MiniHome is outfitted with lots of green features (formaldehyde and vinyl free, solar panels, wind turbine, optional biofuel generator) and is made with sustainable materials. Truly packed with green virtues, it uses 1/10th the materials, and consumes 1/10th the water, 1/10th the gas and 1/100th the electricity of a conventional home.

For more details, check out our recent posts on it here and here. To book a chance to stay in this sustainably designed and ultra-modern tiny home, head on over to Timberhouse.

Full disclosure: The MiniHome is owned by TreeHugger Managing Editor Lloyd Alter.