11 Tiny Homes you can rent for a holiday getaway

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fingerlakes new york tiny house rent
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Try them on for size or plan a getaway in one, no strings attached

Resource-efficient, relatively cheap to build and symbols of a simpler lifestyle, tiny houses have been characterized as an alternative for affordable home ownership, rehabilitation of vacant urban land and even an educational tool for sustainable design.

The curious but non-committed may wonder, however, what it is like to actually live in a tiny home without going through the whole process and cost of designing and building one, or may be wanting to find a tiny house or cottage to stay in while on holiday. In that case, take a look at our visual tour of some of the many tiny homes for rent all over the world.

Serene tiny home

 Our first tiny home is "serene cabin" located in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. This quiet, eco-minded guesthouse is situated near one of the region's many scenic hiking paths and is on the Finger Lakes Wine Trail, and is ideal for two to three people. There is an upstairs sleeping loft, a balcony "in the trees," semi-outdoor shower, sauna, composting outhouse, porch and firepit to light a cozy nighttime fire. Visitors commented on the tranquil, "spa-like" environment, surrounded by plenty of outdoor activities and good food. Check out the details here.

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