Green Gift Guide: The WeeHugger

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Let's be honest: It is way more fun to buy gifts for kids. Toys wrapped in big, shiny boxes reveal dolls that must be immediately introduced to the family or games they can't wait to begin--gifts much more exciting than a tie or a cooking pan. But kids' gear can also be so poorly made it's broken by New Year's; painted on the cheap with toxic materials; and constructed from non-recyclable plastic.

This year, see their eyes light up with sustainable choices--and that's sustainable in both long term play and eco-consciousness. From a dollhouse complete with solar panels to a reusable lunch kit that will make them the hit of the cafeteria, we guarantee none of these gifts will be relegated to the landfill by Valentine's Day.

And don't miss the rest of our Green Gift Guide 2009: Have a Slow Holiday. --Produced by Mairi Beautyman

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