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Organic Catnip Toy

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Show your favorite feline how much you appreciate the snuggles, purrs, and the restraint he showed in not destroying your newly-upholstered sofa with organic catnip toys from Purrfect Play.

The outer materials -- organic cotton canvas, fleece, and hemp -- are safe for batting, gnawing, and pouncing, and cats of all ages will go crazy for the organic catnip inside.

Choose from mouse, carrot, and mitten shapes -- or, if your cat would rather skip the chase and just rub catnip all over, try the Pad of Luxury, a catnip-laced mat that lets them do just that. (Purrfect Play Organic Catnip Toys, $5-$18, and Pad of Luxury, $19)

Photo via Purrfect Play