Green Gift Guide: For the outdoors lover

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flannel shirt
credit: Stock Mfg. Co.

1. Cotton flannel shirt

Shopping for outdoorsy friends and family can be fun because there's so much great gear available. Plus, it feels like it's for a good cause -- getting out into nature! Here are some ideas for gifts that will delight the hikers and campers in your life.

This lovely shirt is handmade in Chicago by the Stock Mfg. Co. It's 100 percent cotton flannel, described as 'blanket-weight' on the website, and guaranteed to keep you warm and cozy throughout the chilly winter months.

The company itself has an interesting business model, selling at roughly half the price of most comparable clothing made in USA. This is because it's sold directly from the website, skipping the middleman and giving customers what's essentially a wholesale price.

Brick Blanket Shirt, $108

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