Green Gift Guide for Mother's Day

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Let's face it: One day a year is not nearly enough to thank your mom for everything she's done for you. But you can try -- and the gifts on these pages will make it just that much easier to show her your appreciation. And if you still haven't found that perfect gift, check out 7 Perfect Mother's Day Gifts That Help Other Moms Around the World on Planet Green and our 2009 Green Gift Guide for Mother's Day.

Fair Trade Chocolates from Global Exchange

Forrest Gump's momma had it right with her famous comparison of life to a box of chocolates -- which is why this collection of assorted Fair Trade Chocolate treats from Global Exchange is the perfect way to thank your mom for all the great advice she's given you. Inside, you'll find a sweet lineup that include pecan caramels, chocolate creams, almond caramels, peanut butter, hazelnut cream -- and a cherry-filled heart that really gets your point across. (Global Exchange, $18.50)

Image via Global Exchange

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