Green Gift Guide for Father's Day

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From coming to pick you up when your car got a flat tire (on the highway, in the rain) to spending countless hours quizzing you on your multiplication tables, dad has always been there for you; show him how much you appreciate it with a gif that says thank you without causing too much environmental damage.

Superman Album Tray

Your dad's always been your own personal superhero, and you can remind him of that every morning with this valet tray made from a vintage-1975 album and cover. From holding paper clips and notes on his desk to keeping his keys, change, and iPod handy on his dresser, it's the perfect way to remind him that you still believe he could leap tall buildings in a single bound (no matter how old you are). (Record album valet tray, $25)

Photo via Brindakay Designs @ Etsy

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