Green Gift Guide: For the coffee lover

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Riceway cup
credit: Riceway

9. Eco Travel Mug by Rice Way

This travel mug is unlike any other you've seen. It's made from rice husk, which is a byproduct of the rice processing industry. Over 95,000 million kilograms of rice husk are produced annually and left as organic waste. Farmers struggle to dispose of it.

The Rice Way combines these husks to an all-natural resin (no added chemicals) to make a hard, compact material. The result is the Eco Travel Mug, which lasts for years when used correctly but will biodegrade in full exposure to the outdoors, "making it even more environmentally friendly than recyclable materials that require industrial processing to be decomposed."

Mugs start at £11.95 (US$16), free shipping in UK, paid shipping to USA.

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