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Gift Guide 2012 DIY
credit: Fiskars

Cuts+More Scissors From Fiskars

Multi-purpose tools are, by their very nature, super sustainable. Why create six or seven tools when one will do? Less waste in manufacturing, less space in storing, win win. Enter the insanely versatile Cuts+More Scissors from Fiskars.

Here's the deal: High-quality blades for excellent cutting on a wide variety of materials; ergonomic finger and thumb loops for comfort and control; a power notch for cutting light rope; a wire cutter; a twine cutter; a pointed awl tip; and a bottle opener (just remember, craft responsibly).

But wait, there's more: They can be taken apart apart and the titanium-coated blade can be used as a knife, they come with an innovative sheath with a built-in tape cutter; and a ceramic scissors sharpener; and they're dishwasher safe. And they have a lifetime guarantee. Snap! (Or, snip!) (Fiskars' Cuts+More Scissors, $20)

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