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Upcycled Apple Computer Pet Bed From Atomic Attic

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Atomic Attic Pet Bed


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It's fair to say that a sleepy pet will be willing to lay his head just about anywhere for a quick nap (we know a huge Dalmatian that curls up in a tiny cat bed in a pinch). But why not give your pet his own space instead?

The upcycled Apple computer pet beds from Atomic Attic are colorful, cozy spots for your cat or small dog to hide away from from the rest of the family -- plus they give new life to vintage iMacs, reusing even the speakers for extra stability.

Choose your favorite color -- blue, red, aqua, pink, green, white -- and then get a coordinating washable slipcover on the cushion; your pet may not notice how chic his new bed looks, but he definitely won't miss out on the comfort. (Atomic Attic Upcycled Apple Computer Pet Bed, $109)

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