Green Gift Guide: The Pop Culture Fan

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Green Gift Guide 2011 the pop culture fan photo
credit: TreeHugger

Everyone knows the guy or gal who can't get enough of popular culture: They're the ones with headphones plugged in, chiming in about the latest movies, music, and celebrity gossip.

But just because they prefer surfing channels to surfing waves, or catching up on missed episodes of "Mad Men" to camping trips, doesn't mean they're not concerned about sustainability and the environment.

All of the gifts here -- from Barbie Doll jewelry, Captain Planet, and Radiohead's new album, to a free Bansky photo and clocks and mirrors made from upcycled, vintage vinyl -- were selected to win that pop culture heart over.

And don't miss the rest of our gift guides, launching through November 8. --Produced by Mairi Beautyman

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