Green Gift Guide: The Animal Lover

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Green Gift Guide 2011 the animal lover
credit: TreeHugger

Oh the animal lovers. What is it about a fluffy, feathered, or even reptilian beast that transforms the most tight-laced of them into a cooing, fur-covered mess?

But an animal lover does not earn this moniker based solely on the obsession of their pets: There are -- literally -- thousands of other species out there that deserve some attention, too (and they're not all cute).

Whether your giving to your pooch or favorite animal lover, you'll find gifts ranging from an award-winning documentary on bees, cheeky recycled notecards, and symbolic adoptions (ever wanted a lemur?) to sushi cat toys and gorgeous dog bowls. And don't miss the rest of our gift guides, launching through November 8. -- Produced by Mairi Beautyman

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