Green Blogger Dads Tell us What They Want This Father's Day

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"Urban chicken farming is so last year. Instead of waking up to the rooster's call, I want to bolster the nocturnal activity in my life with a bat house. Providing occupancy for up to 300 bats, this is a great way to nurture the declining bat populations of North America, cut down on the resident mosquito population, as well as cozy up with some of natures least understood flying rodents. Who needs fresh eggs? (Bat House, from $40) Want to build your own? (Bat House Builder's Handbook, from $1.73)

"If you ever had a treehouse growing up, you never got over it. If you weren't so lucky, well, you probably never got over that either. The Treehouse Book by Peter Nelson, while it doesn't give you the step by step approach, will more than inspire you to resurrect the treehouse of your youth, or build something that far exceeds your memory of it." (The Treehouse Book, $25)

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