Goats and More: Green Blogger Moms Tell us What They Want This Mother's Day

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It's not always easy to find the perfect gift for the mom in your life, so for this year's expert advice we went straight to the source: Here, savvy, in-the-know green-minded bloggers at parenting, style, and news sites -- who also happen to be moms -- reveal the gifts they're hoping to get this year. Still at a loss? Check out our 2010 Green Gift Guide for Mother's Day and 7 Perfect Mother's Day Gifts That Help Other Moms Around the World on Planet Green; then there's our 2009 Green Gift Guide for Mother's Day.

Mallika Chopra, Founder of

How about gifting a goat for Mother's Day this year? An ox or a flock of geese? One of my favorite gifts is through Heifer International where you can support a family in need with something that is meaningful and a real resource. Have your kids make a card with the animal on it or match the donation with a stuffed animal to remind her of the gift given in her honor. It's original, fun and has long term positive impact to a community. (Heifer International, animals from $20)

Photo via Heifer International

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