10 Great Green Gifts for Valentine's Day

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valentines day 2012
credit: TreeHugger

We have no problem getting on board a holiday that's all about love, but love based on commercialism? That's a different story -- and no matter how much you care, that super-sized ruby-red plush heart with the cupid arrow shooting through it is just going to be exiled into a dark corner the closet.

A homemade card, a candlelight dinner, or an unexpected kindess -- like doing the dishes when it's not your turn -- are more than enough to show your love how much you care.

Ofcourse, it also helps to have something in hand when you wake up on the morning of February 14: These 10 green gifts -- flower seed bombs, dark chocolate, reclaimed housewares, organic textiles and more -- are all sure to earn you bonus points in the house of love (though it still wouldn't hurt to do the dishes).

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