10 gifts that also give to wildlife

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Are you looking for holiday gifts that also give back to animals and wildlife? This gift guide is here to help, with eco-friendly and ethical items that also donate to non-profits that protect nature. Of course, many conservation non-profits rely heavily on donations. So if you’re looking to avoid “stuff,” you can always choose to give directly to these organizations and forgo any kind of item in return.

Symbolically Adopt an Animal

Symbolic adoptions are a popular way to support wildlife conservation, and many organizations offer them. Check out options from The Nature Conservancy, WWF or the National Audubon Society. Defenders of Wildlife even offers an Animal of the Month Club. “Adopting” an animal for the kid in your life is a great way to teach her or him about wildlife, as most organizations not only send a small plush version of your animal, but also educational materials about that species.

These gifts can also be great for the adult who’s particularly passionate about penguin or pandas, and they'll also probably more fully appreciate the donation made on their behalf.

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