Turn your power tools into solar power tools

Megan Treacy

Megan Treacy (@mtreacy)
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September 9, 2014


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solar power tools

credit: DIY Hacks and How-Tos

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Instructables user DIY Hacks and How-Tos has let us share this neat project for charging all of your cordless tools with solar power. Maybe you just want to use the sun to power your tools or maybe you're often using tools away from a reliable power source. Either way, this project will have all of your DIY projects running on solar power from now on.

DIY Hacks and How-Tos mentions this safety note: "Any time that you use a DIY battery charger instead of a commercial charger, you are accepting a certain amount of risk. So always use caution. Don't over charge the battery and don't try to charge it faster than the manufacturer recommends. There are many different kinds of batteries and they all need to be treated differently. These instructions are designed for batteries that are made of Nickle-Cadmium cells. I make no guarantee that these instructions will be appropriate for other battery types such as NiMH or lithium batteries."

Before getting started, you can watch a video of the project here.