Turn an old laptop screen into a stand alone monitor

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Meet the Controller Board

In this section, I'll just say some words about this magic piece of hardware.

First things first: I'm really wanted to show how you can build this board using micro-controllers, like Arduino for instance, so you can build and modify it yourself. I really wanted to add a light sensor that adjusts the screen brightness according to the ambient light, but I can't. I don't know how it works. For each type of LCD model, you have a different set of instructions, so for each one its a different firmware.

But, now, what YOU need to do:

1) Look at the LCD panel, find the model number;
2) Buy* a Controller Board that meets your LCD model (and you will probably need a power supply that meets the controller board specifications);
2.1) If you make your own board: Congratulations! Please, share your solution, your approach, anything, it would be REALLY useful!
3) Again, DON'T TOUCH THE CIRCUIT: grab everything from the side;
4) Connect the flat cable controller board - LCD panel. Make sure that the pins are facing the correct side!
4.1) The pins should be facing down. Add some tape to this connection to make it steady and less likely to be damaged. It's really delicate (refer to the YouTube video in Intro).
5) Connect the power supply to the board and your PC, XBOX, PS3, BlueRay player, whatever... to your board.
6) Be amazed.

*I'd recommend to buy the controller board + power supply from this e-bay store:

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