Turn a cordless drill into a solar drill in just a couple easy steps


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solar cordless drill

credit: ravenc83

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We love sharing cool DIY projects that also involve clean power sources, so this Instructable by user ravenc83 was really perfect because it lets your complete all your awesome hacks and projects with a solar-powered tool.

Ravenc83 says, "This was an experiment in repair. About a year ago my beloved cordless drill stopped working because the AC/DC transformer died. Rather than just chuck it out when I bought my new 18 volt drill, I tossed it under the work bench. Then after a fun trip to Harbor Freight I had an idea... Solar Drill!

My wife needed a simple drill of her own, so for the price of a really cheap crappy drill, I bought a harbor freight solar panel."

Keep reading to see how to transform a cordless drill into a solar-powered one.