Make your own solar backpack

Materials and Tools

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solar backpack materials

credit: Kajnjaps

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0) a backpack:

Most backpacks have enough possibilities to attach stuff. Mine provided these ribbons on the back. No idea what they are supposed to be used for.

1) for the solar panel:

- 4 Encapsulated 2V/200mA solar panels (Velleman SOL4)
- Self adhesive pads for cable ties (3M Scotchlok Ab02)
- Nylon cable ties to fit the adhesive pads above
- Velcro adjustable cable binders (Tesa 55236-00000, 12mmx20cm)
- Heat shrink tubing
- Electric wire (capable of carying 0.5A is more than enough)
- Connector to go to the battery box

2) for the charger/battery box:

Parts list for this is less critical, so improvise. There's an explanation with important details ahead.

- Small plastic project box.
- 4 AA-size NiMH batteries (GP 2700 series is ok, see further)
- Battery holder
- Two 2-pin panel-mount connectors of some sort
- Components (see further)

...and some tools:

- soldering iron
- cutters
- pliers
- sharp knife
- drill for making holes in the project box