Make your own electricity-generating sneakers


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energy generating shoes

credit: ASCAS

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We often write about cool technologies that harness the energy in our steps and other movements to make electricity, even two types of electricity-generating sneakers, but here is how you can make your own electro-sneaks at home.

Instuctables user ASCAS created this project as a submission to the Google 2014 Science Fair and he's allowed us to share it with you here.

ASCAS says, "Here's a little science experiment that will show you a little secret on making insoles that can charge USB devices! The challenge is to make a slip-on insole that can produce enough electricity to charge batteries/USB devices.

As funny as it sounds, charging a phone with your shoe isn't really joke. Who knows maybe someday shoe companies like Nike could use these insole generators to power fitness chips (inside shoes) that would sync to your phone wirelessly. This way, you don't have to charge your smart-shoes just to sync them with your phone."