Make solar powered string lights for all your Spring and Summer parties


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solar string lights

credit: iApple Guy

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Warmer weather has arrived and it's time to start thinking about having friends over and spending nights outside. A great addition to any outside party is string lights, but depending on how long you keep them burning (all summer long?) the energy use can add up. That's why we love this project from Instructables user iApple Guy for retrofitting a string of lights to run on solar power.

iApple Guy says, "These are some solar string lights made from 97 cent solar garden lights from Wal-Mart, and a broken string of LED lights from IKEA. So the total cost for ME was less than 3 dollars because I had most of the parts laying around the house. All I had to do is wire, cut, glue, and add some finishing touches and then I was done!"

Read on to see how you can do this project at home.