Make a solar powered radio for $5


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solar radio for $5

credit: gotwind

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This easy project from Instructables user gotwind lets you transform your old AM/FM radio into a solar powered one on the cheap. For the cost of a solar powered garden light (about $5), you can have a radio ready for camping, emergency situations and everyday use.

Gotwind says, "This is another good use for the solar panel used on the huge amounts of garden LED lights around, coupled to a portable radio that runs off 2 or 3 AA cells...With this Instructable I have left my radio on now for 4 weeks, (12 hours a day) while I work and it has never let me down, even at a reasonable high volume level.

You could either leave the solar radio out on a sunny wind sill as I do or leave it in the sun outdoors - every so often to recharge the batteries."