Make a solar-powered bike light from a deodorant stick


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deodorant stick bike light

credit: sudhu_tewari

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Instructables user sudhu_tewari gave us permission to share their cool project that makes use of an empty deodorant can for building a solar-powered bike light. The hack is simple, cheap and, we assume, great smelling!

Sudhu_tewari said, "I saw a guy in SF with a bike like that looked like a deodorant stick which gave me the idea to hack a solar garden light into a deodorant stick for easy weather proofing (and aerodynamic goodness).

This is a simple hack, re-packaging a solar garden light. All you need is a deodorant stick, a solar light, and some silicone.

This is great for people who bike to work and park outside. Free renewable energy from the sun!"