Make a solar night light from a mason jar

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materials solar mason jar
credit: mazzmn


What's Needed for this Instructable:

Solar Garden Lights: Either salvaged or new - you know the type, typically a cylinder on a stick with the solar panel on top.
Mason Jar, Band and Lid: I used small Half Pint (8oz) Kerr brand decorative jelly jars, but any canning jar will work.
Frosted Glass spray paint: I used Rust-Oleum brand.
NiCad batteries: The damaged lights generally have rusty worn-out batteries, typically AA. Even new budget lights occasionally need new batteries. (Found these at Harbor Freight store). If you have a charger you can try re-freshening old batteries with that.
Something to cut with: I used a Dremmel, X-Acto; tin snips and even a bench-grinder depending on how well a particular light fit into the jar.
Glue or hot glue gun
Screwdriver: Often required to access dead batteries.


Soldering Iron and Solder: Damaged lights will likely need some repair, however new lights shouldn't require soldering
Vice or clamps
Colored spray paint: I had some sparkly blue auto paint around so added a light coat of blue to a few. I like the blue color a lot! Just go light on the paint, I made one that is really just too dark.

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