Make a solar night light from a mason jar

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mason jar solar night light
credit: mazzmn


Instructables user mazzmn gave us permission to share this great, easy project with you for how to make mason jar solar night lights from salvaged solar garden lights. Most of us have mason jars kicking around in the kitchen too, so this could easily be a weekend project using just what you already have in the house.

Mazzmn said this about the project:

It's spring which of course means two things:
1. Rain, snow and snow-shovels have left worn out, damaged and broken solar garden lights in the yard.
2. Garden centers are running specials on new solar lights (I found several stores selling them for $1 each)

I managed to avoid throwing out several broken solar lights by using them to create some neat "Mason jar nightlights"...just charge them up during the day and they light the way at night.

I liked the results and noticed pre-made "Solar Mason Jars" are selling for $24.00 on Amazon and even "Solar Lid Lights" (just the lids) are $12. So I tried a few more variations with a few of the $1 solar lights and put together this Instructable so we can make our own!

This Instructable describes how to create either style of Solar Mason Jar Nightlight (from salvaged or new solar lights) We'll start with the "new light" variation. It's a pretty easy project!

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