Make a solar charger and stereo from an old cooler

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solar cooler stereo
credit: jtjaeger


This really neat all-in-one gadget that acts as a gadget charger, stereo and LED light source -- all powered by the sun -- comes from Instructables user jtjaeger. If you spend your summer days at the beach, in parks or out at campsites, this fun project may be a great one to tackle.

Jtjaeger says, "You can set this up at your home for everyday charging of your devices, and easily bring it with you for a day on the beach, on a camping trip, or anywhere else. It can be very useful during power outages, or even be a prime source of power in an off-grid cabin or home.

The design of this unit is very flexible, and you can choose features or expand on this to meet your specific needs. You can also take advantage of using scrap parts for its construction, with old car audio components, scrap wood, and spare wire that you might have lying around. I've found that you can borrow from a lot of "car accessories" that are 12V DC powered, or even use a small inverter for AC loads, to use this solar power for a wide range of devices."

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