Make a mini LED flashlight with hex nuts

Megan Treacy

Megan Treacy (@mtreacy)
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February 12, 2013

Intro and supplies

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hex nut supplies

credit: sjroth

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Instructables user sjroth came up with a way to make your own keychain LED flashlight using items most people likely have kicking around in their toolbox and he gave us permission to share it with you all. With a handful of hex nuts, some basic electrical know-how and lots of glue, you can make your own in just six steps.

Sjroth says, "For several years I have been planning on doing this project, but it wasn't until now that I actually tried it. My plan was to make a miniature LED flashlight out of hex nuts, using them as the casing. I would use a matching screw as the cap for the battery compartment, and add a keychain to make it easy to carry around."

Things you'll need:

Soldering iron and solder
Third hand
Electrical tape (heat shrink tubing would be much more effective)
Needle-nose pliers
Two part epoxy
Super glue (Krazy glue would be better)
Heavy duty scissors
6 18mm nuts
18mm bolt
20mm nut
White 5mm LED
Tactile switch
Switch cap
Ring for keyring
Small spring
Positive terminal plate
3 1.5V button cells