Make LED turn signal gloves for biking at night

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When biking at night, reflectors and lights are necessities, but indicating a turn can still be tricky. That's why these cycle indicator gloves from Instructables user ThePrintPlace are so great. Using LEDs and conductive thread, these easy-to-make gloves make sure motorists see where you're going.

ThePrintPlace says:

When I’m cycling (particularly at night) and taking a tricky right turn off a busy main road (we drive on the left in the UK), I’ve often thought I needed a bit more visibility or bling, so I decided to make these ‘indicator gloves’ for those long dark winter nights. The 2 yellow flashing LED’s are powered by a small coin cell battery and have a conductive fabric switch sewn onto the glove between your thumb and forefinger.

I’ve taught a bunch of primary school boys who can’t sew how to make these so they are pretty simple to make but it does help if you know how to thread a needle!

Your could adapt them to other purposes quite easily though... how about glowing red eyes for a halloween puppet, or a simple torch.

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