Make an iPhone amplifier out of an old Victrola

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Instructables user theerikjohnson gave us permission to share his easy project for rigging up a Victrola as an iPhone amplifier. We've shared several energy-free iPhone speakers with you before and this is another great one for people who like the classic style of the Victrola, but want to be able to use it with their digital music collection.

Theerikjohnson says:

So I’ve been thinking about how my old Victrola works by passively amplifying the vibrations from the diaphragm through a simple box and how I can control the volume (somewhat) by opening and closing the doors. I said to myself, “Self, I bet that would work as a passive iPhone amp too.” I was thinking about how to get the iPhone speaker at the beginning of the sound's path, thinking it was gonna be complex like removing the arm of the Victrola. I didn’t want to damage the old girl.

And then, Eureka! I saw that the diaphragm and needle part of the arm come right off easily, revealing a simple way to get the iPhone sound in. After about an hour, I had this baby working.

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