Make a human-powered, MacGyver-style emergency cell phone charger

Megan Treacy

Megan Treacy (@mtreacy)
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February 26, 2013

Making a Hand Crank Generator Pt. 2

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hand crank generator 2

credit: The King of Random

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Step 4: Insert the mixing beater into the drill chuck and make sure it's tightened so the beater won't come out.

Step 5: Add the salad fork through the mixing beater to act as a crank handle, and hook up your charger cable. Hook the red wire to the positive lead, and the black wire to the negative lead.

Note: Polarity DOES matter! If your battery isn't charging, you've probably got the polarity reversed. You can either switch the cables, or set your drill to reverse and crank the opposite direction. This will reverse the polarity you generate and should fix the problem.