Make a human-powered, MacGyver-style emergency cell phone charger

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Intro and Supplies

Instructable user The King of Random has come up with another cool project that lets you use household objects to produce electricity. He has previously let us share his penny battery project and now we're excited to share his human-powered emergency phone charger tutorial. This project gets you in touch with your inner MacGyver to create electricity when the power is out. The King of Random says:

There's no charge for this electricity! All you'll need for this project is...

1. A cordless drill
2. Anything you can find to help secure it in place and spin it by hand.

I used:

* A piece of wood 2"x4"
* Some yarn
* 1 mixing beater
* 1 salad fork
* A piece of aluminum foil
* Some Scotch tape

Watch the video here for detailed instructions, then follow along with the steps.

Warning: This project is intended to be a "bare-bones" approach to generating electricity in a tight situation. There are no voltage regulators, no diodes and no capacitors to smooth the current. There may a risk of overheating and damaging equipment when operating electrical devices without a proper circuit recommended by the manufacturer.

It worked fine for me, but if you try this on your phone make sure you understand, and are comfortable with, the risks. Back up your data in case your phone is adversely affected and your data or equipment is damaged as a result.

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