Make a fire-powered smartphone charger


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fire powered smartphone charger baseplate

credit: Joohansson

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This is what I used:

1x high temperature TEG module: TEP1-1264-1.5
2x voltage step-up (from this project:
1x small heat sink. From old PC (BxWxH=60x57x36mm)
1x Aluminum plate: BxWxH=90x90x6mm
1x 5V brushless DC motor with plastic fan (could be hard to find, check this link)
Fixation for heat sink: Aluminum bar (6x10x82mm)
2x M3 bolts+2nuts+2x washers for heat sink: 25mm long
2x M3 1mm thick metal washers
4x M4 bolts+8x nuts+4x washers as construction base: 70mm long
4x M4 1mm thick metal washers
4x M4 bolts: 15-20mm long
4x Drywall screw (35mm)
2x heat insulated washers: Constructed from cardboard and old plastic food turner
80x80x2mm corrugated cardboard (Not very good at high temperatures)
2x pull springs: 45mm extended
(Optional) Components for a temperature monitor and voltage limiter.

Drill and thread tap for M3 and M4
File and abrasive paper
Loctite power glue (Repair Extreme)

It cost me about 80€ for everything but the most expensive part was the TEG-module (45€).

TEG spec:
I bought the TEP1-1264-1.5 at
Tested at 230ºC (hot side) and 50ºC (cold side) with:
Uoc: 8.7V
Ri: 3Ω
U (load): 4.2V
I (load): 1.4A
P (match): 5.9W
Heat: 8.8W/cm2
Size: 40x40mm