Make a bicycle powered generator in 9 steps

Intro and materials

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bike generator

credit: abemckay

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Two guys, Abe and Jon, have allowed us to share their great project for making your own bicycle powered generator for charging your electronics with clean energy for every day or as an emergency power supply. Under the Instructables user name abemckay, they guys shared what you need to make your own generator in just nine steps.

Materials needed:
Bicycle Stand
Bicycle frame
24V DC scooter motor
DC-DC battery charger
A car battery, or something similar
DC-AC inverter
Wires for electrical connections and various bike parts and tools.

A multimeter might be useful to check various voltage differentials between different objects.

The specific hardware we used:
Motor: 24V 300W Scooter Motor
Battery: 12V 18 amp-hr lead-acid battery model 7448k51
Charger: Thunder 620 battery charger- 300 Watt 20 Amp
Inverter: 400 Watt inverter Model 6987k22

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